Work in Progress – July

A very warm, very busy month for us has left me somewhat behind where I wanted to be. When not distracted by other projects that are supposed to be farther down the queue, I have been working on The Hasty Visitor’s Guide to the Fairy Hills of the Continental United States. A mouthful of a working title for sure, I know. I have gotten a bit done on it. Current wordcount is 77k and change; I am on page 73 of 264 as I continue with the revision.

2018-07-03 20.18.27

The story concerns a half-fairy lawyer, who is already going through a mid-life crisis when she acquires a magical obligation that every fey creature in the world wants to get their hands/paws/fins on. My goal  was to have the book in condition to query agents by the end of the summer. We will see how the next couple of weeks go.

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