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January Update

This month seemed to last a very long time. I don’t know if that’s because of my attempt to slow down the pace, or winter weather, or what, but it’s not unpleasant.

Writing first:

  • I’m done through chapter 14 of 20 in Fairy Hills, and have got at least one beta reader signed up, so I will ship that off as soon as this draft is done. It is still, again, taking a bit longer than hoped, but the end is in sight!
  • Still no word from Erewhon about Prometheus, but I looked back through my email, and it was only mid-November when I sent them the book. Feels like it has been much longer, but it’s far too early to sigh about response times.
  • Tisiphone‘s sales continue to putter along; have a ways to go before reaching three-digit earnings. I sold another one from Kobo, so that’s fun.

In non-writing projects:

  • I’ve tried to reapply myself to Duolingo. Working on French still, and dabbling in Hindi (about which I am making no promises, but it’s interesting).
  • I bought some pencils and a cheap sketchbook. I have long observed that when I feel stuck or unhappy with a project, switching to analog tools helps, so I’d like to experiment more with that.
  • I finished the scarf I’ve been knitting for my grandmother, and started on a hat.
  • I finally finished reading In the Land of Giants. What a fun book! Moving on to Arthur’s Britain and preparing to take copious notes.
  • I am thinking hard about the future of my day job and exploring some ideas that might get me to a more fulfilling and creative place–eventually. This one is definitely long-term, so… we’ll see what happens.

Not too shabby for a month, I think. Hope you’re all keeping well and having a good year!


3 thoughts on “January Update”

  1. It sounds like a very busy month and chock full of a wide variety. You are dedicated and creative – a great combination. I have my copy of Tisiphone and now need to learn to sit for a while. I’ve been in the habit of listening to books and when I sit, I’m knitting or reading articles online. Time to delve into your book!


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