It’s one of the bog-standard pieces of writing advice out there: success can only be found if you don’t give up. Of course, success might elude you anyway, but it definitely will if you stop doing the thing.

Nearly 7 1/2 years after the 2011 NaNoWriMo project in which I wrote the seed chapters of this story, it’s done. I think that year saw the version of the story set in post-Civil War Boston–which is a story I could still write, given the way I set up this universe. It could make a fun prequel. However, it would also require a great deal of research. (“Too much research” is the leading reason I end up trunking stories.)

I stopped and started, tried Camp NaNo a couple of times, have sworn for the past three years running that I really was going to finish the book, and I finally did it. Tonight, I wrote THE END.

Now it goes off to beta readers, who will doubtless find things that need fixing. But for now? I’m gonna go to bed.


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