monthly updates

Work in Progress – February

My vague plan when I started this blog was to include WIP updates monthly, and write other kinds of posts the rest of the time. I’m sure that these make for repetitive reading! I will try to get back to that schedule now.

Writing projects:

  • Bad news: Prometheus got rejected by Erewhon. I was pretty glum about that for a couple of days. It’s my favorite thing I’ve written, ever, and has never gotten so much as a nibble from the professional publishing world. If the budget allows, I will self-publish it next year.
  • Excellent news: A Visitor’s Guide to the Fairy Hills of the Continental United States is with my beta readers. I’m hoping one of them will suggest a better title. This draft clocked in at just over 80k words.
  • I may have found my third writing goal for the year. Every few months the writing and publishing community on Twitter holds events where agents and writers endeavor to catch one another’s eye in a sort of speed dating called Pitch Madness. I haven’t had anything to pitch in recent years, and forgot about the whole thing until I saw a chance reference a few weeks ago. I will try to have something ready this year.
  • It may be wildly self-indulgent, given the first item on this list, but while I wait for my beta readers, I’m going to finish the sequel to Prometheus. Prepare for more posts about Arthurian stuff! I’m 13k words in already and having a blast.

There’s little to report in other areas. Finishing this draft consumed an increasing of my energy throughout February.

  • I started a huge new knitting project–three times, because I kept making mistakes.
  • I am way behind on my reading goal for the year already.
  • I’m getting involved with a new professional group for women in my area, which looks promising.
  • I have been doing fairly well with French on Duolingo, and am still struggling with Devanagari.

And that’s about it. Soon it will be spring.

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