monthly updates

Work in Progress – March

I dunno why, folks, but this month seemed to last about three years.

Writing projects:

  • Got the first beta response on Fairy Hills. I suspect that fixing this book is going to mean doing a lot of work in the backstory, and I’m ruminating gently on a couple of ideas, but not pushing too hard on that right now.
  • Making steady progress on the new book. It’s right around 50k now, which means that in the past 27 days (minus four where I didn’t write because Pit of Despair), I’ve written 37,000 words. I signed up for Camp NaNo for April in hopes of keeping this up and finishing the draft.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I haven’t been doing much else with my free time. I’ve also been sick for most of the past week, so that’s probably playing a role.

No knitting is getting done; I’ve screwed up this hat so many times now that I think I should pick a different yarn and a different pattern and do something else entirely. During my visit to the Pit of Despair I re-read a bunch of Terry Pratchett’s Watch books, which is always a good use of time. I’m doing a meditation series on patience, which is clearly something I could use a lot more of.

And I’m still trying to figure out how to actually use a blog, I guess. I’ll try to think up some more interesting things to post about for April.

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