monthly updates

Work in Progress – April

Is it that time again already?

There’s only one writing project underway. It’s sitting just barely shy of 80k words as I type this, and I’m staring the Exciting Conclusion in the face, which means the whole thing is liable to end up short of the desired wordcount. There are a couple of neglected subplots I can plump out a bit, but apparently I write short books.

In knitting news, I finished the conference hat yesterday and started a new project, which I may have to rip out and start over already. I do love the hat now that it’s done, and that yarn is the best. I wish I could make a blanket out of it, but $$$.

Other than that and the usual workplace inanities, there’s not much to talk about. We’ve been enduring quite a bit of rain around Boston. I’m going to make French onion soup tonight.

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