Puttering Along

I’m never sure what to write about here, so I tend to put off working on posts. Then the end of the week comes, and I still don’t have any ideas, and that’s how you get skipped weeks, like last week. The writing process is hilariously slow, and a lot of days just doesn’t seem like it would be interesting to anyone who isn’t in the throes of doing it themselves (and you already know what it’s like, so).

I’m 11k words into the new draft of Fairy Hills. The first bit went quickly enough, but now I’m into the part where everything needs to change, and it’s going to be slow going from here, I’m afraid — hopefully not eight years this time! I just need to keep chipping away at it, and eventually a book-shaped object will emerge.

Work has been exhausting, looking for a new job even more so, and the weather has been less than helpful. We’ve had endless rain, colder than usual temperatures, and very little sun.

I will try to think of something interesting to say for next time.

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