monthly updates

Work in Progress – May

It has been a challenging month. Anxiety is high and so is the pollen count. Several relatives are going through health troubles that range from vexing to “I guess we wait and see”. I got my hair cut and bought a suit that fits finally, but talking to people about potential jobs is starting to feel like a Greek hell. I’ve gained a great deal of weight over the winter, and I can’t say I’m surprised. The weather has been atrocious, with a mere handful of decent days between grim overcast when not actually raining. I’m tired of screwing up everything I knit, so I haven’t even been doing that for a while now.

But there is writing. The new draft of Fairy Hills is just about at 16k words. That’s far short of where I hoped to be at this time, but I’ve worked through the first of the major changes it needs, and I’ve sketched out the second one sufficiently to get back to work this weekend.


So I’ve got that going for me. And there have been a few bright spots in the month–I kicked my diet soda habit, started a new project at work, and I’ve read some interesting books. Lots of room for up-side.


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