Things Happen

That things take their own time was part of the plan for this year, and I keep coming back to it. I still don’t have a new job, and writing progress has been slow, but other things are going on in the meantime.

I’ve been working on a sourdough starter, a project I last attempted oh, maybe ten years ago? We were living in Worcester at the time, which puts it back quite a ways.

I’ve been paying more attention to my meditation practice.

My potatoes are sprouting, and the sunflowers my daughter planted with her friend who lives downstairs. The cottonwoods in the office park where I work are seeding, bits of fluff like snow flurries in June, accumulating into tumble-balls and drifting against the curbs.

On the other end of the rhythmic scale, the farmers market we like is back in session, a weekly reminder of the unalterable urgency of fresh foods.

Things will continue to happen.

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