Summer Doldrums

It has been one of those weeks. After a very pleasant weekend, the week turned into an office stress-fest that left me too drained to do much of anything but knit, and not even very demanding knitting. I did finish my work friend’s going-away gift, and I made a quick cowl for myself with some of that glorious alpaca yarn I’ve had stashed away forever.

Other than that? I went to a town meeting about climate change, and I signed us up for a curbside composting service, so that’s exciting, at least to me. Went for a bike ride and have been doing a bit of running, so it’s not like I’m slothful right now. But there has been no writing, no reading, and very little quietude this week. I am frustrated by my own inability to form strong habits around things I (in theory) want to achieve.

And so we roll into the last month of summer. I don’t feel ready.

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