Back to Routine

Hello! The disruptions of August lie behind us, along with the hot weather (I hope). Ahead lies a new school year, along with my favorite season. It feels good to be home with the expectation of staying here for a while, and even the familiar chores are bracing. There’s a lot to do, a lot of accumulated clutter to deal with, a lot of things I finally feel up to adding back to my daily routine, now that I have one again–I’ve been meditating more often, and doing my language practice, and am caught up on the filing.

And I am–again, finally–back to working on the book. I think I’ve identified the girder in the road that stopped me over the summer, a matter of pacing that must have been nagging at the back of my mind this entire time, only to surface at last on a read-through this week. I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet, but I am cheered by having found the problem. I look forward to having more to report next week.

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