monthly updates

Work in Progress – September

This month has flown! Once I got over being sick, someone put the pedal down. I’ve gotten back all of the energy I feel like I’ve been missing for ages now. My habit tracker this month is a thing of beauty, folks.

Writing first: I’ve figured out what I need to do with Fairy Hills. Again. Writing is like that. Wordcount is currently at 46,220, which means I have a month to write 44k before NaNoWriMo starts. This is ambitious, in that it basically means a double writing marathon, but hey, aim high. Speaking of NaNo, I do have an idea finally, working title Cartography of Souls. At the moment it’s looking like a second world fantasy, my first in a very long time now.  Time to dust off my world-building skills.

In other news, I have been exercising consistently, I’m on my longest meditation and language study streaks in forever, I haven’t missed a morning pages day since I started doing them (only three weeks ago, mind), I’ve gotten a lot of reading done (I’m on a Douglas Adams kick right now) and am only seven books behind on my goal this year. I applied for and got a volunteer position as managing editor for a web site related to my day job (more on that later maybe, but I don’t like crossing the streams), and I’m going to be taking a virtual class on coaching over the next couple of months as well.

Everyone is healthy at home and more or less settled back into the school year routine. Things are really awesome right now.

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