The Season Advances

Five batches of cookies today, and I think I’m almost done–with the baking, at any rate. Shopping is at maybe 50%. This has been a wildly productive week in all areas except writing, and even that has seen a bit of progress. It’s been to get back on balance after NaNo, catching up with the rest of the things I’ve got in hand. I’ve gotten a lot done at work, caught up on my volunteer projects, got back into Duolingo (again), and finished a couple of books I’ve had hanging around mostly-read. My manuscript is at least open at the spot I need to work on.

Two more weeks of work, and then I’ll be off through the end of the year–a rather dizzying prospect. Of course we have a lot of plans, but there are a few days sprinkled through in which we have nothing on the schedule. Including New Years Eve; I had been hoping to have a party this year, but it appears to not have been in the cards. Perhaps in 2020.

It is also of course a very reflective season we are entering. End of year, end of decade. I won’t be compiling any exhaustive lists of things done and undone, but I have my little accumulation of rituals to go through. I find myself warily excited about the year to come; many opportunities, many chances for things to go badly. Going forward with hope, kind of thing.

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