Been a While!

For the first time since starting this blog, I have managed to whiff two weeks in a row (three if you consider that it’s Monday, but since it’s a long weekend I will give myself this one). Despite that, I don’t have a whole lot to say at this point. Brevity becomes ever briefer, I suppose? This past weekend was Boskone, which was a lovely time. Saw a few people and some great panels, bought a few things, and generally felt both edified in mind and restored in spirit. (Body was not neglected in the meantime–the Orange Line is partially out of commission during the weekends, and I did quite a bit of walking.)

The weekend before that was the Farm and/to Fiber (they seem undecided themselves) Festival, at which I purchased an embarrassing amount of yarn and other items, and generally had a fantastic time.

In between these things I have been assiduously job hunting, caught up on my email, did some baking, wrote a few thousand words, went to some meetings for various volunteer efforts, and attended to all of the business of normal life with the notable exception of updating this blog. Mea culpa. I have a lot of thoughts floating around today, about how I can possibly organize all of these efforts so as to neglect nothing, provide value where needed, and enjoy my life.

First, however, I am engaged in a baking project with my teenager before trying my hand at a couple of Indian recipes, and also preoccupied by watching my cat sleep in a sunbeam. Sleeping cats look very dedicated to their work. May you be as into whatever you’re doing as he is.

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