After what has felt like an immense proportion of my life to date spent working on this story, I’m delighted to say that The Hasty Visitor’s Guide to American Fairy Hills is finally done, or at least done to the point where I’m composing query letters and a synopsis and all of that stuff. It’s immeasurably satisfying to bring a project to that stage after so long. I’m actually looking forward to sending out queries.

Finishing the book means that the overwhelming list of projects I had underway back in July has largely been cleared. I have one class still in progress; that ends next week. Once that’s done, my obligation list consists solely of a few volunteering gigs, none of which take up much time in the course of a month. (And work and family stuff, obviously.)

Which means, of course, that it’s time to start planning again. This time, I’m going to be a little more intentional about how I fill up my calendar. I have my list of long-term goals; I have my high-level milestones for the next few years. Time to spend more time with those, see if anything needs adjustment, and map out the next few months in a bit more detail. Now that I’ve started the new job (which is amazing) and the kids have started school, I hope it will be possible to come up with a routine to get us through the fall–without feeling like just making it through the day is the best we can hope for.

Heck, maybe I’ll make a dent in my to-read pile….

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