monthly updates

November Wrap-Up

Survived the most uniquely stressful election of my life to date, and one that I hope goes unchallenged on that particular metric.

Went for 10 runs, adding a mile to my average distance over the course of the month, and 15 walks around the neighborhood.

Wrote 50,000 words, chalking up what the Web site says is my 8th finished NaNoWriMo. Got a couple of query rejections; sent out more queries.

Finished five French topics in Duolingo.

Sat down for 13 meditation sessions.

Donated blood once and went on two grocery shopping trips for neighbors, arranged through our local mutual aid society.

Knitted ~18″ of a scarf and a half dozen rows of the scrap blanket.

Watched S3 of the Tangled TV series, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the first episode of the Animaniacs reboot with various of the family.

Cooked 27 dinners, including a perfectly adequate if smaller than usual Thanksgiving spread.

It’s been a rough one, honestly. The election brought a lot of anxiety, which has been slow to recede and probably won’t completely lift until January. The second half of the month has been damp and gray; it gets dark soon after 4 p.m. (I got out my full-spectrum lamps.) Going on nine months of COVID-19 homebound life, claustrophobia is taking a toll on my patience. Remote schooling continues to be challenging for the kids. It’s time to make my December goal sheets, and I’m not sure what to put on them. Maybe “get together my 2021 plans” will suffice.

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