Department of “You Might Have Said”

Coming into the second major part of Beowulf, I wonder if the poet considered putting in a line about how Hrothgar is great and all, very generous, the model of courtesy, etc., etc., but did anyone think to mention BEFORE now that there are two monsters?

I have heard it said by people in hall,
counsellors who live in the upland country
that they have seen two such creatures
prowling the moors, huge mauraders
from some other world.

Big help there Hrothgar, thanks a ton.

The bit right before the Attack of Monster Mom, about all the warriors bedding down in the hall, directly inspired this exchange from a book you will hopefully see at some point:

“Why do you have this much room if you’re not going to put anything in it?”
“I gather that you’ve never shared lodgings half this size with thirty of your closest friends.”

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