No Time To Spare

Already read one of my Christmas presents! One of the things I enjoyed in this book was finding out that Ursula Le Guin and I have an experience in common: that of being woken in the small hours by a cat that has just dropped a live mouse on your bed. Her cat Pard and our Pepper have a fair amount in common.

There are a lot of cat observations in this book, along with her thoughts on aging, on music, on writing, and on society. It’s a slim volume and a quick read, like having a really good conversation with a smart, observant, opinionated person; her personality shines through every entry. I turned down many pages for later consideration. I know I will look at them again and smile, or have a new thought.

It’s the kind of book that doesn’t just make you think, but makes you want to think, want to read, to listen to new music, to travel to new places, to sit quietly and reflect. This is rather a lot to get out of 200-odd pages, and I am profoundly grateful to have spent the time with her. If she had to leave us only a year after this book was published, she gave us a lot to think about beforehand.

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