monthly updates

April Wrap-Up

This month seemed to go by a lot faster than has become usual lately. Perhaps it’s having more things to look forward to again? We’ve been making an effort to get outside when the weather cooperates–the month has been wildly variable that way, but we took an afternoon to visit World’s End Loop in Hingham, and another for a rare trip in to Boston to see the flowers in the Public Garden.

The month’s most exciting development is that I got my first vaccination this morning! I’m feeling a lot of emotions about it. The combination of relief for my personal bubble and continued anxiety about the situation worldwide is a little overwhelming.

The second most exciting thing is that I finished the first draft of a new book! Ended up around 95,000 words, a solid effort. It’s going to need another going-over before I inflict it on a beta reader, and I’m currently planning to address that in Q3. I fear it’s another quirky little book that no one will want to buy, but that appears to be my niche. (Speaking of quirky books that no one wants to buy, Fairy Hills is on its final agent query before it joins the self-pub queue.) I think the most exciting part to me is that I set the goal and actually did the whole thing in four months. Once I started, I only missed one day of writing (and that was when I cut my fingertip and typing was awkward).

As for the rest of life, work is going fine. One of the volunteer efforts I’ve been giving time to will be finished in mid-May. I’ve enjoyed doing it, but it has taken a lot longer to finish this than I initially expected, and I’m looking forward to being able to redirect that energy to other projects.

In fitness, I increased the weight on my dumbbells. Can run four miles again without feeling too terrible at the end of it. None of this is translating into weight loss, which I suppose means that I need to take a hard look at what I’m eating.

Sustainability continues to see eensy improvements. We’ve pretty much swapped out paper for cloth napkins; I’m working on cutting back paper towels and dish sponges.

I read the second volume of Malory in a delirious three-day binge, and a couple of other books. I have now started the long process of acquiring a nine-volume translation of the Vulgate and Post-Vulgate Arthurian works; I have the first three in hand now, and Vol 4 is on order. I feel like this investment represents a leveling up in medieval lit geekery. I’m reading Vol 2 first, because it’s about Merlin, who will appear in my own third Round Table book (drafting starts this weekend). I don’t think I’ll be doing a play by play of these like I did for Malory, given the sheer size of the books, but there will be some posts about them, because this stuff is bonkers.

Knitting has been slow. My main project is taking a really long time to get anywhere, mostly due to fine yarn. I finished a scrap blanket I’ve been making (to free up space for more intentional future yarn purchases), and started another one.

Chipping away at Duolingo Mountain, with a 200+ day streak going. Getting the hang of the past tense in French is going to take me a while. Still in the basics for Spanish.

And that’s it for the first third of 2021. Hope you’re all safe, healthy, and vaccinated!

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