The Word for the Summer

It took until today for me to figure out that my overriding feeling this summer has been disappointment. Things were supposed to be better than this. We had vaccinations! Daily cases were down to the double-digits in our state! We could go out places and see people. Things were finally going to be good again.

We did go out for dinner (once) and see friends (twice), but the weather has been abso-fucking-lutely miserable for the entirety of July. Now cases are spiking again (yes, even in our highly-vaccinated state), and with one kid still too young for the vaccine, we are once again forced to be choosy about what we do and where we go.

I don’t care about masks. I will wear a mask in public places for the rest of my life, who cares. I would however like the sense of hovering dread to take a hike.

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