Reading Update

It’s snowing! As with last year, I resolved to read everything I got as a Christmas gift first thing, so as not to keep growing my TBR infinitely.

1. A Field Guide to Getting Lost – Rebecca Solnit. Delightful, moving, educational, thought-provoking. So glad to have discovered her work last year.

2. The Deeds of Louis the Fat – Abbott Suger. Contemporary account of the French monarchy around 1100. Definitely useful for those of us who like to write fantasy worlds loosely based on medieval Europe; reality is a lot wilder than fiction.

3. A Cup of Silver Linings – Karen Hawkins. Emphatically not for me.

Two books left from the gift batch.

In other news, the weather continues very cold, wet, or both at once, so we have been stuck indoors a frustrating amount. We have all spent the past week watching Encanto, listening to the Encanto soundtrack, and thinking about Encanto. I wrote a flash fiction story for a group exercise I’m taking part in — it’s terrible, but at least I wrote something. COVID cases locally seem to be dropping again as fast as they spiked, but we have no idea where they’ll stabilize yet, so long-term planning remains difficult. So tired of this!

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