Knitting Update

Yes, I am aware that this is my writing blog, but writing has been dreadfully slow lately. Not non-existent–I’ve got four flash fiction pieces drafted that I didn’t have at New Years, and editing continues on Fairy Hills–just slow.

I have, however, been knitting. Well, planning knitting, mostly. I had a light week, and got an impulse to deal with my yarn stash. Some people have space in their home for a craft area or even an entire craft room. I have seen pictures of these rooms, with walls of labeled crates and shelf after shelf of patterns, so I know they exist.

I have two small plastic totes serving as a makeshift end table next to the couch, and after recent purchases they have started overflowing.


During some quiet time last week, therefore, I got out each of my yarns in turn. I did some searches on Ravelry to find appropriate patterns, which I purchased and printed out and stored in a bag with the yarn and, if possible, the needles. I didn’t quite get through the entire stash, but I have ten projects planned out now, and only a few odds and ends don’t have a home in mind. Some, like the cowl pictured above, are simple single-skein projects that should only take a few days of dedicated work. Others are larger or will require me to learn new techniques. With all of that, I have at least a year’s worth of knitting ahead of me.

Which will make room for buying more yarn, of course.

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