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February Wrap-Up

I’m not a huge fan of February, rump of a month that it is. Everyone is a bit bored of winter by this point in the season, there’s an inexplicable week of school vacation that needs filling, and spring is still too far off to be contemplated with much excitement.

Knitting projects completed: 1. img_5646I have cast on a much larger project now, which I expect will take me a couple of months to finish. I am determined this year to flesh out my stitch repertoire and be a little more daring with what I take on.

Books read: 4, all mysteries. This month’s book club pick was The Thursday Murder Club, and I unearthed a stack of Ngaio Marsh paperbacks while cleaning a few weeks ago, so I read a few of those. This is cheating a little, since I still haven’t finished reading Life in the French Country House. I’m halfway through that, and have a lot of pages marked for future reference. Just a really interesting book, and there are floor plans!

Hikes: 2

Writing: 1 flash fiction, 1 sonnet. The Fairy Hills edit is on page 57/315, and you can look for a cover reveal in March!

A decent month in terms of getting things done.

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