Fells Hike

img_5661Despite the tower being closed we had a nice outing today. I got to try out my Microspikes ™ finally — LIFE CHANGING! The path was icy when it ventured below the trees, but I had no worries about slipping at all. We went about three miles; it’s a path I have been on before with this group, but that was in the summer, so it’s always interesting to see how different everything looks at other times of year.

We were a small bunch today. Two of the group are experts on local history as well, so were able to tell us all about previous uses for the land that is now the Fells. Apparently the Sheepfold, while it was briefly used to pasture sheep, had a longer history as a pig farm. Now it’s mostly used as a dog park. They also did a fair job of selling me on the Volt when the time comes for us to replace the gas car. Was great to be outside!

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