Knitting Update

Three things in progress this month. img_5668The shawl is coming along nicely, with 10 rows of the increase section left before I shift to the the bias part of the pattern. This morning I started a one-skein project, another simple cowl that should be quick to complete–I long ago lost the tag for the yarn, so I’m not sure what it is or how much of it I have. It’s very soft.

Not pictured is the broken rib scarf I’ve been working on while we watch Avatar: The Legend of Korra in the evenings. That one is just a way of using up leftovers from the hats I made this winter, and I will probably end up giving it away when it gets cold again. We have snowdrops and crocuses blooming here in MA already.

In writing news, I just now finished editing Chapter 7 of The Hasty Visitor’s Guide to American Fairy Hills, which should be available in June. I’ll post the cover as part of this month’s wrap-up. In April, I’m going to give Camp NaNo another try this year and see if I can make headway on a new project.

Last thing going on this week was that I went skiing for the first time ever yesterday. It was fun!

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