monthly updates

May Wrap-Up

It’s tough to feel enthusiastic about much this month. Repeated national news shocks on top of long-term stress do not make for good times. On top of which, it has been a very busy month here, with lots of appointments to get through plus graduation preparations for our oldest child, and the weather has not been cooperative, so I haven’t been able to get outside for my usual decompression hikes.

Writing: After a literal decade, The Prometheus Skein is available! Amazon doesn’t have the cross-format links right yet, so here are the Kindle edition and paperback. I am in love with the cover art for it. (In case you are wondering what self-publishing is like, in the first week I have sold seven copies.) I’m still editing Fairy Hills, on track to be out later this summer.edit3_small

Knitting: Reached the 2/3 point on the shawl. Really, I must do some small projects after this one! I quite like how it’s turning out, though.

Books: In May I read Mending Life, which is a nice little how-to book of basic sewing repairs. My book club’s pick was Fannie Flagg’s The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion, which did not click with me at all. Still trying to get through a couple of others, but not making fast progress.

Garden: There are things in it! That we planted! Very exciting. We might have pickable lettuce in another week. Also, our CSA will be starting soon. I am armed with plentiful veggie recipes. Will post some pictures once I get the rest of the plants in this weekend.

Hiking: Two to bookend the month, although one of them wasn’t really a hike since it was paved trails. I’ll take what I can get, but really hoping that June is a better month for getting outisde.

Actually, hoping that June is in all ways a better month.

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