monthly updates

June Wrap-Up

Despite the steady impacts of political disaster, I’ve been feeling better in myself this month. Which is good, because there’s a lot to do. It was a whirlwind of a month in terms of events, mostly with school.

Writing: I’ve been in a bit of a post-project slump here, but I have gotten a bit of editing done on the next one. Sales are not exactly busting records so far. If I don’t find some way to improve the numbers (Kindle edition and paperback), then Fairy Hills will be my final self-publishing project, because I can’t afford it. I will be trying some experiments in the next couple of months.

Knitting: Has been on the back burner this month, with very little progress.

Books: I read seven books in June, four of them new, plus three old Robert Asprin books I’ve had a weird nostalgic hankering to revisit. That puts me at 27 for the year so far, and a good mix of new stuff and old.

Garden: Is doing really well. I am astonished and delighted to watch everything grow, given that I haven’t done much with it other than occasional weeding. Put plants in ground, water regularly, get food? The pea plants I put in the driveway are already fading, and I harvested a small bowl of potatoes. The strawberry is putting out runners to other containers; I’m curious to see what it does from there.

Hiking: Three! I want to prioritize getting outside in July. It seems to be critical for me these days.

I also started running again mid-month; we’ll see how long that lasts this time…. Work is going well, and I found a climate group that wanted help with their newsletter — finally, a task I am qualified to contribute to. Onward into summer!

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