It Begins

img_0092Our very first grape tomatoes are alllllmost ripe today, and there are a hundred more ready to follow after them. I picked a couple of jalapeno peppers and made plans for pesto upon realizing how much my basil has grown. Did not spy any more zucchini hiding among the shadows, but it’s a bit of a jungle in there — I honestly had no idea how large some of these plants would get. Only the cucumbers look unhappy; they did flower, so we’ll see how they do. Might just be that it’s been so dry this summer, despite near-daily watering. I wasn’t sure I would like having a garden? But this is amazing. I go over there and don’t want to leave. I love watching the bees in the flowers, and looking at the plants and how they are growing. I love weeding.

It has been a very outdoor-intensive weekend. On Saturday I was out with the Friends of the Fells for a few hours, cutting down invasive Japanese knotweed. This morning my hiking group went out to Revere Beach for an early walk. I hadn’t been over there in ages–wow, has it changed! Lots of new buildings along the water. Then over to the garden this afternoon. This is how summer ought to be spent, I think.

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