monthly updates

July Wrap-Up

Look what I found when visiting friends this weekend! Gotta say it looks pretty nice in print. We had a great visit to wind up a month that was, to be honest, kind of weird. It’s been really hot and busy at all the wrong times, so I haven’t gotten out much, and it’s been dragging my mood down.  img_0159

Writing – Still chipping away ever so slowly at the Fairy Hills edit, but I only have 75 pages left to go.

Knitting – Also slow.

Garden – Is beyond awesome, but I’ve blogged a lot about that recently, so I won’t repeat it all here. My second crop of peas are already sprouting.

Reading – I had a goal this month of finishing all five of the books I had already started before I picked up any new ones. Those were: All We Can Save (mixed feelings), The City of Dreaming Books (a fun conceit that couldn’t support a weak plot), Understanding Comics (lots to think about), and the last-for-now of my Asprin revisit, Hit or Myth. That just leaves Wonderbook, which I’m clearly not in the mood for right now and have shelved. I also read Come Fly the World for my Ravelry book group (didn’t like it), and I reread Hicksville and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. My August slate is clear, my TBR shelves crying for relief.

I am six weeks into the Couch to 5k program and haven’t hurt myself yet, so here’s hoping.

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