75443D2F-8103-4D82-B2C7-76DC0E110F5BThe equinox is just a few days away. The garden is in shade for most of the morning now. Yesterday I cut what remained of the basil, which I probably should have done two weeks ago, and made one last batch of pesto.

In containers, the peas are delighted by the cooler weather this past week. The chard wants fertilizer. The mint has bounced back from high summer’s wilt (I’m going to try making some extract from it this fall), but the lavender isn’t going to make it. The marigolds I planted late are enormous now, but there’s no sign of flowers.

At the plot, there are a few tomatoes still hoping to achieve ripeness, and a butternut squash that might do likewise. The zucchini, indefatigable, continues to flower, along with an optimistic pepper plant that spent most of the summer in zucchini shade. The trend is clear, however; week by week, things are getting quiet.

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