monthly updates

November Wrap-Up

The downward skid toward the end of the year is picking up speed. We don’t have any travel or entertaining planned, so it should be a (relatively) quiet month.

Writing – Another year, another NaNoWriMo, another one for the pile of ideas I haven’t turned into finished books yet. I think this one has some legs (but I have thought that before) — enough that I’ll work on it some more  in December and see how it shapes up.

Knitting – I made a couple of small gifts this month, which sidetracked me from the projects I already had going. Fortunately, yarn keeps well. Sweater has been pushed out to 2023.

Reading – I didn’t do much of this at all. I was focused on getting NaNo done, and both of the books I’ve started lately are really long (The Viking Wars and Don Quixote). I am thinking about trying one of those reading challenges next year; they seem fun, and maybe it will help me get through some of my TBR shelves.

The garden is done for the season, after giving us a final bunch of herbs for Thanksgiving. I’ve been keeping up with running since the 5k, but most of the month has been head-down, writing, so there isn’t much else to account for.

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