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2022 Wrap-Up

It’s a couple weeks early, but I don’t have anything else to talk about right now. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this year. We did a lot, tried some new things, made some cool memories, but I seem to have run out of oomph at some point. On to the wrap-up.

Finance – The less said the better.

Home – I loved having the garden. That’s about it for positive vibes.

Work – I’m still happy with my job, and with my volunteer gig, although I battle guilt about not doing more than I am.

Writing – I self-published two books this year by way of an experiment. Sales of my first book having fallen to nothing for quite some time since it came out, I wondered if having more work out there would generate a coattail effect. The answer is “no,” at least so far. Sales are slow for both of the newer ones, and only one copy of Tisiphone’s Quest has moved since the other two were published. Learned something; move on.

Knitting – I spent a lot of the year trying to knit down my stash, and managed not to buy any yarn at all until October. I learned a couple of new stitches.

Reading – I am on track to read 52 books this year. It has taken me a long while to get back to this point! I joined a book club in an effort to broaden my horizons, and I did read a lot of books I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered, but while I enjoyed some quite a bit, I didn’t find any new favorites. Assuming that I finish the ones I have in progress before year-end, they break down thus:

  • 19 non-fiction, 33 fiction
  • 38 new, 14 re-reads
  • 23 by women, 29 by men
  • Favorite non-fiction was probably An Immense World. Fiction, probably Middlemarch.
  • Only 1 started and didn’t finish

Media – We finally saw a movie in the theater again this month – Strange World – two and a half years after seeing Onward as the pandemic bore down on New England. We watched a lot of animated shows again this year, none of which I liked quite as much as last year’s standouts. Amphibia was probably my favorite of the lot (can’t judge The Owl House until it’s over). I also watched some heist movies as research for a new book.

Activity – Nowhere near as much hiking this year as last, I’m sorry to say; there always seemed to be weather or something else that needed doing in the way. I seem to be back in a groove with running again, and at a point where four miles is comfortable. Nothing else sticks so far.

My three-year plan is not going where I wanted it to, so now what? 2023 will have to try something else.

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