Happy New Year!

A little belated, I know. I have been trying to think about what I want to do with the blog this year, other than getting the rest of my Mort D’Arthur posts out of the backlog. This is supposed to be a writing blog, but I seldom have much to say about writing as such. Creating novels is a very slow process. Maybe the lack of focus here is indicative of a wider issue, that I am just a person with diverse and scattered interests. I might start posting more often, to avoid omnibus posts that include updates on a bunch of different things (monthly wrap-ups aside), like this one:

One of the things I want to try in ’23 is a monthly concentration on some area that has been on my “to learn” list for a while. (This is not an original idea by any means.) The January thing is origami. This week I finished two of the books on my TBR stack for the month. Went on a First Day hike with one of the kids. Started working on a proper draft of this book, which has been through two NaNoWriMos and has a reasonably solid outline. My daily goal is low, aiming for sustainability after last year’s slumps. I tried one new recipe but didn’t take a picture of it (enchiladas aren’t exactly photogenic anyway), and made bread twice this week. Made a lot of progress on a knitting project. The spouse and I finally watched Knives Out. I went for a run this morning.

In support of all of this, I have done some removals. I haven’t been on Twitter for weeks, and it might be mere correlation, but my anxiety levels have improved. I unsubscribed from a few things that I wasn’t reading anyway, or that I read but wasn’t enjoying. I decided against doing the flash fiction thing I was in last year again; I enjoyed it, but since I haven’t done anything with that first batch of stories, there isn’t much sense in adding to the pile. Have been diligent about closing the laptop in the evening. I have been trying a new bullet journal layout that gives me less space for a daily to-do list; that needs a little adjustment still, but it’s better.

So far, so good.

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