monthly updates

January Wrap-Up

So much for the idea of posting more often! Perhaps I will give it a go in February. January went by with startling speed, but I feel pretty good about the month; I’ve done some physical and mental decluttering, and I think that’s helped a lot. The weather has not been conducive to getting out much, but, well, it is January.

Writing – 17k words into the new novel. At 500 words/day, I am taking my time with this one and not stressing myself out. Sales of existing books have been nonexistent this month.

Knitting – I finished two projects, which is obviously very exciting. I am starting a little blanket now, which will be a multi-month project, and may finally try some socks as well.

Reading – This is one area where I’m trying to level up in ’23. I came up with six areas in which I’d like to read every month, some with an eye toward chipping away at the TBR stacks, others just things I’ve been meaning to learn more about. Here are January’s picks for each:

  • Book club – The Glass Hotel
  • Graphic novels – Shuna’s Journey
  • Books about food – Reinventing the Wheel
  • Environmental themes – Rewild Your Garden
  • Creativity – Make Your Art No Matter What
  • Classics – Crime and Punishment

No duds in this batch! Crime and Punishment is amazing, go and read it.

Creative Practice – I decided to start the year of “things I have always meant to learn more about” with origami. I did miss a few days, but not very many, and overall I consider the month a success. I haven’t learned any by heart yet, but I got much more confident about following the directions for these little guys. When one turned out particularly badly, I would do it again the next day, and it was much better.


That’s about it for the month! I hope it has been treating you all well.

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