Garden Progress

After a surprising-to-me amount of work and expense, the garden plot is ready. It’s been quite a learning process, and we’ve barely started.


Now to get on with the actual plants. The weather is supposed to be nicer tomorrow, so I’ll start hardening off my tomato seedlings. This is the first time any of them have survived to get to this point, so I’m fairly excited about that.

monthly updates

April Wrap-Up

Much of this month was spent in getting ready for vacation, and then a further chunk was spent actually on vacation for the first time in a very long while. All in all, it felt a little weird.

Knitting: I finished the cowl, and made progress on the shawl, although there’s still quite a ways to go.


Books: Only three finished this month, but since one of them was Middlemarch, I am not going to castigate myself. I really enjoyed it. I also read Solnit’s Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness, an interesting collection although something of a downer–more trouble than space–and Smiley’s Perestroika in Paris for book club, which was delightful confection and generally agreed to be a balm in a world determined to grind us.

Writing: We have a cover for The Prometheus Skein, and unless something goes dreadfully wrong, it should be available in early June. The Hasty Visitor’s Guide will follow later in the summer. Getting closer!

Activity: We went to Washington, DC, for spring break, and had a great time. Saw some museums, the zoo, and a few monuments, and did a ton of walking.

Time to focus once more on getting things finished, and spend more time outside!


Weir River Farm

I took Wednesday off and drove down to Hingham with a friend so we could visit Weir River Farm and go for a hike. Like all of the Trustees properties I have been to so far, it makes for a pleasant, not too strenuous outing, with nice trails and good views from the hilltop. A rail trail passes through the property via a wetland. Between this and the adjoining property you can get quite a full day’s rambling in.

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Weir River Farm, 30 March 2022

It was chilly in the morning, but the day warmed up as it went on. There isn’t much green in the woods yet, just patches here and there. We saw a couple of bluebirds, and an egret in the marsh as we were driving home. Stopped in town on our way back (Hingham is aggressively quaint) and discovered a cheese shop so obviously had to go in there. As days off go, that one will be difficult to beat!