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Malory’s Le Morte D’Athur Book 12 – Oh You Thought Tristram Was Done?

In an effort to get these out of my draft queue, I’ll start posting these again every week or so. In case you lost track, we left off with Galahad back in June.

Lancelot wanders around out of his wits for several years, has some encounters, is treated well by some people and badly by others, fights some animals, and eventually ends up back at Elaine’s father’s castle, where someone finally recognizes him. As with the last chapter, he is restored by the magic of the Grail. A deeply depressed Lancelot decides that he may as well stay here; he certainly can’t return to Arthur’s court after all of this. He takes a new name (Le Chevaler Mal Fet, the Knight Who Has Trespassed), and once a day looks sadly in the direction of his love.

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January Wrap-Up

So much for the idea of posting more often! Perhaps I will give it a go in February. January went by with startling speed, but I feel pretty good about the month; I’ve done some physical and mental decluttering, and I think that’s helped a lot. The weather has not been conducive to getting out much, but, well, it is January.

Writing – 17k words into the new novel. At 500 words/day, I am taking my time with this one and not stressing myself out. Sales of existing books have been nonexistent this month.

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Happy New Year!

A little belated, I know. I have been trying to think about what I want to do with the blog this year, other than getting the rest of my Mort D’Arthur posts out of the backlog. This is supposed to be a writing blog, but I seldom have much to say about writing as such. Creating novels is a very slow process. Maybe the lack of focus here is indicative of a wider issue, that I am just a person with diverse and scattered interests. I might start posting more often, to avoid omnibus posts that include updates on a bunch of different things (monthly wrap-ups aside), like this one:

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monthly updates

November Wrap-Up

The downward skid toward the end of the year is picking up speed. We don’t have any travel or entertaining planned, so it should be a (relatively) quiet month.

Writing – Another year, another NaNoWriMo, another one for the pile of ideas I haven’t turned into finished books yet. I think this one has some legs (but I have thought that before) — enough that I’ll work on it some moreĀ  in December and see how it shapes up.

Knitting – I made a couple of small gifts this month, which sidetracked me from the projects I already had going. Fortunately, yarn keeps well. Sweater has been pushed out to 2023.

Reading – I didn’t do much of this at all. I was focused on getting NaNo done, and both of the books I’ve started lately are really long (The Viking Wars and Don Quixote). I am thinking about trying one of those reading challenges next year; they seem fun, and maybe it will help me get through some of my TBR shelves.

The garden is done for the season, after giving us a final bunch of herbs for Thanksgiving. I’ve been keeping up with running since the 5k, but most of the month has been head-down, writing, so there isn’t much else to account for.