Been a While!

For the first time since starting this blog, I have managed to whiff two weeks in a row (three if you consider that it’s Monday, but since it’s a long weekend I will give myself this one). Despite that, I don’t have a whole lot to say at this point. Brevity becomes ever briefer, I suppose? This past weekend was Boskone, which was a lovely time. Saw a few people and some great panels, bought a few things, and generally felt both edified in mind and restored in spirit. (Body was not neglected in the meantime–the Orange Line is partially out of commission during the weekends, and I did quite a bit of walking.)

The weekend before that was the Farm and/to Fiber (they seem undecided themselves) Festival, at which I purchased an embarrassing amount of yarn and other items, and generally had a fantastic time.

In between these things I have been assiduously job hunting, caught up on my email, did some baking, wrote a few thousand words, went to some meetings for various volunteer efforts, and attended to all of the business of normal life with the notable exception of updating this blog. Mea culpa. I have a lot of thoughts floating around today, about how I can possibly organize all of these efforts so as to neglect nothing, provide value where needed, and enjoy my life.

First, however, I am engaged in a baking project with my teenager before trying my hand at a couple of Indian recipes, and also preoccupied by watching my cat sleep in a sunbeam. Sleeping cats look very dedicated to their work. May you be as into whatever you’re doing as he is.


Too Soon to Tell

In the course of the past week, I wrote one page. This is more than I have written in the preceding several weeks; perhaps there will be more to come today, or tomorrow.

Also this week, I have been to the gym a few times; I have worked on my knitting project; I have encountered a setback at work; I have played Super Smash Bros. with my son; I have helped my daughter with her homework.

I have done so many small things that a recounting would be exhausting, and only dubiously illuminating. I have not been outside much; the weekend has been mild, but the week before notably cold. Moods have been unpredictable.


The Season Advances

Five batches of cookies today, and I think I’m almost done–with the baking, at any rate. Shopping is at maybe 50%. This has been a wildly productive week in all areas except writing, and even that has seen a bit of progress. It’s been to get back on balance after NaNo, catching up with the rest of the things I’ve got in hand. I’ve gotten a lot done at work, caught up on my volunteer projects, got back into Duolingo (again), and finished a couple of books I’ve had hanging around mostly-read. My manuscript is at least open at the spot I need to work on.

Two more weeks of work, and then I’ll be off through the end of the year–a rather dizzying prospect. Of course we have a lot of plans, but there are a few days sprinkled through in which we have nothing on the schedule. Including New Years Eve; I had been hoping to have a party this year, but it appears to not have been in the cards. Perhaps in 2020.

It is also of course a very reflective season we are entering. End of year, end of decade. I won’t be compiling any exhaustive lists of things done and undone, but I have my little accumulation of rituals to go through. I find myself warily excited about the year to come; many opportunities, many chances for things to go badly. Going forward with hope, kind of thing.

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NaNoWriMo Week 3

Not only was the last post late, I skipped a week after that and didn’t even realize it. This NaNoWriMo has gone relatively smoothly — 12,000 words to go with a week left for writing, so barring catastrophe there’s no reason to think I won’t finish. I took one day off, which burned up my early lead, but have been staying on target since then.


This past week was relatively quiet, which helped a lot, and while we do have Thanksgiving ahead, we’re not traveling, and I’m keeping the menu under control this year (recipes will be posted next week). I’m really looking forward to a few days at home!

What else is going on? I’m doing some knitting. Started making Christmas cookies to stash in the freezer, since the holidays are so close together this year. I’ve done a little bit of shopping. Still doing my morning pages and meditation. I’m 13 books behind schedule on Goodreads, so I don’t think that goal is going to happen unless I cheat; on the other hand, 33 books is pretty good for me in recent years, and I might finish a few more that I’m stuck partway through. One of the books I’m reading right now is about how to write an effective newsletter, so look for experiments in that area next year.

2019 has been weird and scary in a lot of ways, but on a personal level, it has been kind of amazing, and I want to make sure I take the things I’ve learned into 2020. I think that one reason I’m looking forward so much to time off at the end of the year; I very much want some time to reflect on all of this.

I hope the holidays treat you all well.

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Everything Shines

Not sure what I’m doing right these days, or if this is all just some transient biochemical blessing unconnected to my own efforts, but I feel so good about everything right now.

I am just about 1/3 of the way through revising what I’ve already got written of Fairy Hills. I feel excited and happy to be writing this book again, which is a welcome change from the past few months. I keep relearning the lesson, that if working on a story feels like dire travail, there is something out of alignment. Wordcount has not moved much (46,539), but I hope to get through the revisions quickly and back to new territory.

2019-09-29 15.22.00

Everything else is humming right along. I’ve been meditating, practicing French, doing my morning pages, paying attention to my water intake. I’m taking a few days off from running because my ankle was bothering me, but I’m going to give it a try tomorrow and see what happens. I re-read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series over the past week or so and found that it retains its charm after all of these years. Autumnal weather is finally here, so I am likely to shift back to knitting more. My daughter and I made macarons.

Title of the post is from this song by Mitch King, to which I have been listening rather a lot this week.


1,167 Miles

That’s my drive log for the past three days, during which I went back to the city in which I grew up in order to attend my grandfather’s funeral. I haven’t much to say about that just yet — I am very glad that I went, but the trip was draining, and I had very little down-time throughout.

On Wednesday after the funeral and family gathering were done, I drove out to Presque Isle to see the sunset. Took off my shoes, walked in the sand, watched an intrepid wind-surfer catching the last of the waves–it was very windy, and high water had closed most of the beaches.

On the way home on Thursday, I stopped at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The New York Thruway cuts straight through it. I’ve been past it dozens of times, usually in the winter. The meadows are flooded then for the use of migrating shorebirds, and there is a bleak beauty about the place. It looks very different in August than in December! I walked one of the trails, admired the monarch butterflies, listened to the wind in the aspen trees and cicadas singing the end of summer.

The month has been a total bust writing-wise, so I’m not going to post one of my usual charts. Hoping for a reset in September.


Summer Doldrums

It has been one of those weeks. After a very pleasant weekend, the week turned into an office stress-fest that left me too drained to do much of anything but knit, and not even very demanding knitting. I did finish my work friend’s going-away gift, and I made a quick cowl for myself with some of that glorious alpaca yarn I’ve had stashed away forever.

Other than that? I went to a town meeting about climate change, and I signed us up for a curbside composting service, so that’s exciting, at least to me. Went for a bike ride and have been doing a bit of running, so it’s not like I’m slothful right now. But there has been no writing, no reading, and very little quietude this week. I am frustrated by my own inability to form strong habits around things I (in theory) want to achieve.

And so we roll into the last month of summer. I don’t feel ready.