monthly updates

May Wrap-Up

It’s tough to feel enthusiastic about much this month. Repeated national news shocks on top of long-term stress do not make for good times. On top of which, it has been a very busy month here, with lots of appointments to get through plus graduation preparations for our oldest child, and the weather has not been cooperative, so I haven’t been able to get outside for my usual decompression hikes.

Writing: After a literal decade, The Prometheus Skein is available! Amazon doesn’t have the cross-format links right yet, so here are the Kindle edition and paperback. I am in love with the cover art for it. (In case you are wondering what self-publishing is like, in the first week I have sold seven copies.) I’m still editing Fairy Hills, on track to be out later this summer.edit3_small

Knitting: Reached the 2/3 point on the shawl. Really, I must do some small projects after this one! I quite like how it’s turning out, though.

Books: In May I read Mending Life, which is a nice little how-to book of basic sewing repairs. My book club’s pick was Fannie Flagg’s The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion, which did not click with me at all. Still trying to get through a couple of others, but not making fast progress.

Garden: There are things in it! That we planted! Very exciting. We might have pickable lettuce in another week. Also, our CSA will be starting soon. I am armed with plentiful veggie recipes. Will post some pictures once I get the rest of the plants in this weekend.

Hiking: Two to bookend the month, although one of them wasn’t really a hike since it was paved trails. I’ll take what I can get, but really hoping that June is a better month for getting outisde.

Actually, hoping that June is in all ways a better month.

monthly updates

April Wrap-Up

Much of this month was spent in getting ready for vacation, and then a further chunk was spent actually on vacation for the first time in a very long while. All in all, it felt a little weird.

Knitting: I finished the cowl, and made progress on the shawl, although there’s still quite a ways to go.


Books: Only three finished this month, but since one of them was Middlemarch, I am not going to castigate myself. I really enjoyed it. I also read Solnit’s Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness, an interesting collection although something of a downer–more trouble than space–and Smiley’s Perestroika in Paris for book club, which was delightful confection and generally agreed to be a balm in a world determined to grind us.

Writing: We have a cover for The Prometheus Skein, and unless something goes dreadfully wrong, it should be available in early June. The Hasty Visitor’s Guide will follow later in the summer. Getting closer!

Activity: We went to Washington, DC, for spring break, and had a great time. Saw some museums, the zoo, and a few monuments, and did a ton of walking.

Time to focus once more on getting things finished, and spend more time outside!

monthly updates

March Wrap-Up

After a wearying winter, this month passed with astonishing speed.

Knitting: I didn’t actually finish anything I worked on this month, so no pictures yet. Am 1/3 through the current shawl, and I have ~20 rows left of this cowl (I tried to power through it yesterday, realized that I was just going to kill my shoulders and probably still not get it done, so put it aside).

Books: I finished three that had been started back in February (The Scarlet Pimpernel, Life in the French Country House, and Steering the Craft). Read four entire books (Anna and the King of Siam for book club, Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, and I re-read two more Ngaio Marsh mysteries).

That’s 15 so far this year, which is great for me. Life in the French Country House is a good resource, and I expect to use it a lot. Steering the Craft is wise and lovely as Le Guin always was. I didn’t think much of Anna and the King of Siam. Range was okay, but do get it from the library.

Hikes/Activity: Three hikes, plus I went skiing for the first time ever! Unfortunately the second hike might have overdone it a little. We’ll see how the knee does when I go out this weekend.

Writing: Fairy Hills has a cover, and I am 2/3 through the final edit. Artist is working on the cover for Prometheus Skein. I should have a release date for both of them by the end of April.

Can’t complain about all of that. Onward into April! The tomato seedlings we planted last week are already sprouting.

monthly updates

February Wrap-Up

I’m not a huge fan of February, rump of a month that it is. Everyone is a bit bored of winter by this point in the season, there’s an inexplicable week of school vacation that needs filling, and spring is still too far off to be contemplated with much excitement.

Knitting projects completed: 1. img_5646I have cast on a much larger project now, which I expect will take me a couple of months to finish. I am determined this year to flesh out my stitch repertoire and be a little more daring with what I take on.

Books read: 4, all mysteries. This month’s book club pick was The Thursday Murder Club, and I unearthed a stack of Ngaio Marsh paperbacks while cleaning a few weeks ago, so I read a few of those. This is cheating a little, since I still haven’t finished reading Life in the French Country House. I’m halfway through that, and have a lot of pages marked for future reference. Just a really interesting book, and there are floor plans!

Hikes: 2

Writing: 1 flash fiction, 1 sonnet. The Fairy Hills edit is on page 57/315, and you can look for a cover reveal in March!

A decent month in terms of getting things done.