monthly updates

January Wrap-Up

So much for the idea of posting more often! Perhaps I will give it a go in February. January went by with startling speed, but I feel pretty good about the month; I’ve done some physical and mental decluttering, and I think that’s helped a lot. The weather has not been conducive to getting out much, but, well, it is January.

Writing – 17k words into the new novel. At 500 words/day, I am taking my time with this one and not stressing myself out. Sales of existing books have been nonexistent this month.

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monthly updates

November Wrap-Up

The downward skid toward the end of the year is picking up speed. We don’t have any travel or entertaining planned, so it should be a (relatively) quiet month.

Writing – Another year, another NaNoWriMo, another one for the pile of ideas I haven’t turned into finished books yet. I think this one has some legs (but I have thought that before) — enough that I’ll work on it some moreĀ  in December and see how it shapes up.

Knitting – I made a couple of small gifts this month, which sidetracked me from the projects I already had going. Fortunately, yarn keeps well. Sweater has been pushed out to 2023.

Reading – I didn’t do much of this at all. I was focused on getting NaNo done, and both of the books I’ve started lately are really long (The Viking Wars and Don Quixote). I am thinking about trying one of those reading challenges next year; they seem fun, and maybe it will help me get through some of my TBR shelves.

The garden is done for the season, after giving us a final bunch of herbs for Thanksgiving. I’ve been keeping up with running since the 5k, but most of the month has been head-down, writing, so there isn’t much else to account for.

monthly updates

October Wrap-Up

This month was packed with travel, visitors, and family events, and by the end of it I felt 100% fried in a way I haven’t for quite a while. We used every minute of the month, but I’m really looking forward to a more relaxed November.

Writing – The Hasty Visitor’s Guide to American Fairy Hills is finally out! That means that I hit at least one of my goals for this year: getting two books out of my self-publish queue. What did I learn? Not to try to put out two books in one year, mostly, but they are there now, and I hope you will enjoy them. I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year.

Knitting – I finished a beret I made from some ludicrously expensive handspun yarn I picked up at Boston Farm & Fiber a few years back. Started yet another shawl as I continue using up stash yarn (that makes two shawls in progress, one of which will be a Long Term Project because very fine yarn). Once that’s done, it will be time for THE SWEATER.


Garden – The driveway peas are still producing, and it hasn’t gotten very cold here yet, so the herbs are hanging on over at the plot. The forecast suggests that we can expect mild weather to continue, but I’m ready for a change now.

Reading – All over the place in October. I haven’t made much headway with the Vikings, and I started to re-read Don Quixote, which will take a while. I did read (and finish) Murakami’s What I Talk About when I Talk About Running, an odd book about an odd person, but interesting. Forest Walking had a good heart but was just okay. Ancillary Sword was a great follow-up to the first book, very fun. What Ho, Jeeves was too mean-spirited for me to find it amusing.

I have completely fallen off Duolingo. Again. After I got over my cold I had a good workout week, and then managed to tweak something in my hip doing yoga, which meant another week off from running. That’s finally better now, so I hope to get back to it. I only got out for one hike in the whole month, but at least it was a ridiculously beautiful day.


monthly updates

September Wrap-Up

The final week of the month was consumed by That Cold That’s Going Around (doesn’t appear to be COVID, just what used to be considered normal seasonal unpleasantness, Before). Up until then it was a pretty good one, though.

Writing – My heart was not in revising that short story, so I have shelved it (again). Fairy Hills will be available later this month, just have to do a few more things with it. After that, it will be time to prepare for NaNoWriMo.

Knitting – I finished the shawl!!!! Also made myself a pair of fingerless mitts, just in time for the cooler weather. Have started a hat, and another mammoth shawl project that will take forever. I haven’t bought any yarn all year, as I’ve been trying to make room in my limited stash storage space, but next week I hope to pick up some alpaca at the fair.

Garden – We are just about done for the year. I have one butternut squash ripening, a handful of late grape tomatoes, and a few herbs hanging in at the plot. Today I have go over there and tidy up before whatever’s left of Ian visits the area. In the driveway, peas are coming in a few pods a day. Squirrels dug up my chard AGAIN, although it wasn’t doing very well; I think it’s not getting enough sunlight.

Reading – I read Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy (Star Wars EU) to keep our 14yo company, and continued exploring Thoreau with A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, which was very earnest. Richard Osman’s The Man Who Died Twice is great fun if you like a murder mystery, and occasionally very moving. I started Max Adams’ The Viking Wars, but haven’t gotten very far into it yet. Early medieval history and sinus congestion do not mesh well.

And that’s about it. Workouts have been on hold until I feel better. Duolingo has been minimal some days, but I have kept at it. The weather has been gorgeously cool, with some rain finally. October is going to be really busy here, so a few things may fall by the wayside. Hope you’re all enjoying the season!