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Knitting Update+

October is going to be a wildly busy month chez nous, so it might be mostly photos posted here for a bit. Last weekend we went up to Rockport with my mom on a cold, windy day; it was absolutely gorgeous.

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We made a trip to the yarn store later in her visit, and I’m finally going to try a sweater this winter. Yesterday we were in NH for a fair. I finished a hat during the drive!

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Today I have a long hike on the schedule, and tomorrow is our youngest’s birthday, and every weekend this month is going to be Like That. I’m hoping to use some of the day off to tidy up the garden plot for the end of the season. Hope you are all having a great month!

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Spring Signs

It was deliriously warm at the end of this week, and we all spent some time outside. Winter isn’t over by a long shot, but the turn is near at hand.

It’s been a year now since we all got sent home from work and school, wondering what would happen next. This spring is less apprehensive and more hopeful than the last one.

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Winter Sun

I finally took the plunge and got a pair of hiking boots, and have started the breaking-in process. After a couple of warm days, there were some very icy spots on the trail! I met a ton of people out enjoying the afternoon, most of them with dogs, but there was plenty of time where I was the only person in sight.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow again. Can’t complain too much, after two winters that didn’t even deserve the name.