Climate Action Resources


Yes, I know that this is not the focus of this blog. However. There’s a lot going on, and I want to keep a list of resources for this critical situation. No single leverage point or individual action is going to do the trick. Enough people putting pressure on enough points might, though. (This list is my personal compilation, and I have received no compensation for any of this.)


Ways to Live Sustainably (yes we know individual action etc. but it probably won’t hurt).

Massachusetts Climate Action Network

Save Mass. Forests

Mothers Out Front

Extinction Rebellion

Better Future Project

Climate Creatives – Tech community focused on climate action and resource gathering

Ecosia – A search engine that plants trees with profits.

Citizens Climate Lobby

Shave the Peak – An easy thing many of us can do is watching our energy use and cutting back at times when overall demand tends to be heaviest.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting – The Internet is important to most of our lives and businesses these days. Might as well use renewable energy to drive it.

52ClimateActions – A range of suggestions for reducing one’s personal carbon footprint and taking action.

Project Wren – Subscription-based carbon offset project.

Climate Action initiatives roundup


Woodland Trust


Covering Climate Now

What is the carbon footprint of the Internet?

Top 10 Reddits for Sustainability – Yes, I joined Reddit. I’m extremely leery of this experiment.