My Books

The Hasty Visitor’s Guide to American Fairy Hills – Hazel is a half-fairy real estate lawyer who thinks a lot about quitting her job. The best (only) second date she’s had in years is interrupted by a dying troll who give her a phoenix egg; a cross-country journey ensues as she and her new maybe-girlfriend protect the egg against those who covet its future power. A fun adventure touched with romance, conceived as a sort of cross between American Gods and War for the Oaks. Available as an ebook or in paperback from Amazon, and an ebook on Kobo.


The Prometheus Skein – Boston is threatened with invasion from another dimension, led by former poet now sorceror-king Lord Byron. Artist Zari is one of the few with the ability to defend it, if she can learn magic fast enough and survive Byron’s attempts to recruit her–and if her allies, including two Round Table knights who have hated each other for centuries, will stop arguing with each other…. Available as an ebook or in paperback from Amazon, and an ebook on Kobo.


My science fantasy noir, Tisiphone’s Quest, is available at as an ebook or print.  The ebook is also available from Kobo. You can also check out the Goodreads page.

Tisiphones Quest (Large)

This is tells the story of four people (and a spaceship) flung together in pursuit of a threat to the very galaxy. It is unabashedly full of all of my favorite adventuresome SF and F elements, and although not a humor book, it does aspire to be fun.