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Malory’s Le Morte D’Athur Book 12 – Oh You Thought Tristram Was Done?

In an effort to get these out of my draft queue, I’ll start posting these again every week or so. In case you lost track, we left off with Galahad back in June.

Lancelot wanders around out of his wits for several years, has some encounters, is treated well by some people and badly by others, fights some animals, and eventually ends up back at Elaine’s father’s castle, where someone finally recognizes him. As with the last chapter, he is restored by the magic of the Grail. A deeply depressed Lancelot decides that he may as well stay here; he certainly can’t return to Arthur’s court after all of this. He takes a new name (Le Chevaler Mal Fet, the Knight Who Has Trespassed), and once a day looks sadly in the direction of his love.

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arthurian literature

Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur Book 11 – Galahad, or WTAF?

To celebrate getting the book out, let’s check in with Malory again, shall we?

Now we leave Sir Tristram de Liones final-fucking-ly. After several hundred pages of digression, we are back with the Round Table. After loads and loads of tournaments, we are back in a world of mysterious magics. The court gets a visit from a holy hermit who wants to know what’s the deal with the Siege Perilous? Whoever sits there will be destroyed, Arthur explains, except for one man. The hermit prophesies that said man will be conceived this year, and will win the Grail.

Camera shifts to Lancelot, off looking for adventure. He finds one in the form of a woman who, having annoyed Morgan and one of her enchantress friends, has been perpetually boiled alive for years.


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